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Travel Tips for visiting Yerevan

Whether you are a history buff or a culture nut, there are a number of things to see in the Armenian capital, Yerevan. There is the Historical Museum of Armenia, a museum that features archaeological artifacts. Also, the Matenadaran library is home to thousands of ancient manuscripts.

Blue Mosque

Located in the heart of the capital city of Yerevan, the Blue Mosque is a historical structure that is still in use. It is one of the best places to visit in Yerevan and it is worth checking out.

The Blue Mosque is the oldest and largest of the eight mosques in Yerevan. It was built in the 18th century. It is also the only mosque in Armenia that has survived since the Islamic dynasty.

It has been refurbished several times in recent years, and it is used by Iranians in the country. It is also home to the Persian library named after poet Hafez. The embassy staff also use the Blue Mosque.

The Blue Mosque is the only Islamic monument in Yerevan that was not destroyed during the Soviet period. The Soviets had a strict secular policy, and many religious buildings had to be demolished or abandoned.

The mosque has a courtyard that is lined with a fountain. It is a great place to relax after a day in the capital. It is also home to a museum, which displays ancient items from the city. It also contains a library that regularly teaches Farsi.

The best time to see the Blue Mosque is early in the morning or late in the afternoon. It is also possible to get a ticket to enter the more interesting galleries. However, most visitors do not bother to explore the grounds.


Khor Virap Monastery

Located at the foot of Mount Ararat, the Khor Virap monastery is one of the most popular and important sites for Armenian pilgrimage. It is also a favorite tourist destination in the country. The monastery is often seen on postcards.

The monastery was constructed around a pit, which is said to be the place where St. Gregory the Illuminator was imprisoned for 13 years in the 3rd century.

The Church of the Holy Virgin, also called Surp Astvatsatsin, is the most prominent symbol of the Khor Virap monastery complex. It was built in 1662 and has undergone renovations over the centuries. The Church has been destroyed by earthquakes, but was restored in the 18th century.

During the Middle Ages, the monastery was a religious center and educational center. It was used as the seat of the Catholicos of all Armenia. It is important to know that the monastery was also an ascetic fortress.

The most interesting grave is that of the prince's son. He is depicted as a half man, half lion. It is surrounded by a red rock wall. The walls of the monastery are reminiscent of the ancient fortress walls.

There is a small church in the southwest corner of the monastery. There is a narrow tunnel that leads to it. This is a good place to stop and take photos.

If you don't have a rental car, it is easy to get to the monastery by taxi. A taxi will cost about 5000 AMD ($10). You can also use a map app to get there.


Megerian Carpet Museum

Located in the heart of Yerevan, the Megerian Carpet Museum is a private museum that has a great collection of Armenian carpets. Guests can learn about the making process of these rugs, and attend weaving classes to design their own. The museum also offers traditional dishes and music performances.

The Megerian family has been involved in the carpet business for more than a century. They have contributed to the revival of the traditional art form after the Soviet Union fell. Their work has also been exhibited in international exhibitions. The family has a store where they sell authentic Armenian rugs.

The Central Post Office of the Republic of Armenia is an architectural jewel, decorated with national symbols and ornaments. Visitors can see its impressive sculptured roof opening and fountain with zodiac signs.

The History Museum of Armenia is a great place to explore the country's archaeological finds. Here you can find objects from the Urartian tomb. The Katoghike Holy Mother of God Church is one of the oldest churches in Yerevan. It was consecrated in 1264. There are also decades of renovations that have added to the architecture.

The Parajanov Museum is another must-see site in Yerevan. It has a large collection of Armenian works of art, including manuscripts and a 5,500-year-old leather shoe. It also features drawings from prisons and letters from prominent cultural figures.

There are dozens of churches in Yerevan. However, many of them can be easily overlooked when they're tucked away behind apartment blocks.

Erebuni Museum

Located on Arin-Berd hill, the Erebuni Museum is one of the most interesting sites in Yerevan. It is a museum of historical significance. It was founded in May 1968 by the Armenian government. It displays findings from the ancient Erebuni and Teishebaini sites. The collection of this museum consists of bronze bracelets, jars, and other items.

The collection of this museum is very diverse. It includes a variety of items such as a collection of drawings, sketches, and other artifacts. It also consists of works created by the famous Soviet Armenian film director, Sergey Parajanov. Currently, this museum houses around 600 works.

The collection of this museum is quite vast. It is comprised of items that were made by Parajanov while he was in prison. It also contains his personal belongings. In addition, this museum exhibits various collages, a collection of librettos, and other works that were created while he was in prison.

The collection of this museum is a treasure trove of artworks. It is filled with a large number of manuscripts, fragments of old books, and other artifacts. It is also home to numerous rare plant species. It is a perfect resting spot for tourists and locals.

The museum of this famous artist is one of the most popular attractions in Yerevan. The house museum is located on three floors. It contains hundreds of paintings by Martiros Saryan. They are infused with warm colors and national motives.

Children's Railway

Located in the Hrazdan River gorge, Yerevan Children's Railway is a fun destination for kids. It provides an opportunity for them to ride a locomotive through a narrow gorge. It is one of the few miniature railroads left in Armenia. It also offers a unique way to experience Soviet-era Armenia.

The Hrazdan Gorge is a beautiful place. The gorge offers a variety of attractions for tourists. It is also a good spot for picnics. There are three bridges over the gorge. You can see the Armenian Genocide Memorial from above.

The park is also home to a small amusement park. You can also find a natural swimming pool here. The amusement park is open during the summer months. You can also enjoy concerts and other activities here. The park is located a short distance from the city center.

The station building is made of wood. It was built in the late 1940s. The building includes a cash desk, offices, a reading room, a health and laughter room, and a playroom. There are also drinking fountains dedicated to Armenian and Soviet Russian heroes.

The Children's Railway in Yerevan is a fun way to spend a day in the capital. It is especially popular during the summer. The trains run several times each day, and the tickets are very cheap. The train goes through Hrazdan gorge and makes stops at two other stations.

Kond district

Located on the western fringe of Yerevan, the Kond district is one of the oldest areas in the city. It contains several structures from the Persian and Ottoman empires. This area is also targeted for urban redevelopment.

In addition to the obvious places to visit in Yerevan, the Kond district is a unique spot to see some of the country's most interesting architecture. The Armenian National Museum, for example, offers a multimedia presentation that covers the history of the country.

Another excellent place to see is the Cascade of Arts. This complex of four galleries is one of the most beautiful sites in Yerevan. Each section has its own story to tell. It's a great way to take in panoramic views of the city.

If you're looking for a great place to picnic, you can't go wrong with English Park. This quaint place is full of fresh grass, flowers and young people playing guitar.

There are plenty of other great places to visit in Yerevan. The Armenian National Museum, for example, is an impressive multi-storey museum. Its exhibits include relics from the country's history and documentary collections.

The Armenian Genocide Museum documents the country's tragic past. It also offers a comprehensive overview of Armenian culture. It's a must-see. It's a bit pricey to visit, however, so it's best to plan your trip carefully.

The Children's Railway is another fun experience to enjoy. The relic was built over 80 years ago, but the train is still running!

Yerevan - Excursions and day trips

Whether you want to visit Armenia's ancient temples, monasteries, or churches, you can find many excursions and day trips to choose from in Yerevan. These tours are an ideal choice if you only have a limited amount of time to explore. They also offer hassle-free options for travelers. You can find a wide range of tour options, including guided tours and private tours. For more information, check out Lonely Planet's guidebook on Armenia. You can download a free PDF version of the guidebook, which includes maps and tips for visiting Armenia.

The ruins of a medieval monastery carved into a rock cliff are a great day trip from Yerevan. The temple is located on the edge of a cliff overlooking the Azat River. Its architecture is inspired by the Temple of Athena in Greece. Besides being a historic monument, the temple serves as a backdrop for many cultural events. The temple is considered the only remaining pagan temple in Armenia. It is situated about 30 kilometers from Yerevan. You can easily access the temple on your own, but a guided tour is the most convenient way to get there.

The Khor Virap monastery is one of the most popular day trips from Yerevan. It is about 45 minutes away and is considered one of the most important historical sites in Armenia. This is a great place to visit because it features beautiful views of Mount Ararat. Moreover, the monastery offers visitors the chance to learn about Armenia's Catholic faith. Moreover, the church is free to enter, which makes it an ideal day trip from Yerevan.

A few other day trips from Yerevan are the Dilijan National Park and the Arzni Gorge. These are two of the most popular destinations in Armenia and can be accessed by marshrutka bus from the Northern Bus Station. The bus trip should take around an hour and a half. The buses leave from the Northern Bus Station every 20 minutes. Taking a marshrutka is an inexpensive and efficient way to travel in Armenia.

The Sevanavank Monastery is another beautiful day trip from Yerevan. This monastery was founded by Princess Mariam in 874. The monastery has several trails and beaches. It is a scenic, peaceful location and is an ideal place to spend a day. It is a must-see. You can also try the famous khash soup, which is made of cow hoof and vodka.

The Geghard Monastery is a World Heritage site. It is home to relics of the spear that wounded Christ on the Cross. You can also visit a nearby 6th century S. Kiraki Church. You should plan on spending at least a few hours in this monastery. The best times to visit this monastery are in the morning. This will allow you to capture the serene atmosphere of the monastery.

Lake Sevan is a popular destination for tourists from Yerevan. This is a great place to visit during the summer. Its beaches and resorts make it an ideal destination for travelers who want to relax. Its size makes it the biggest body of water in the Caucasus region.

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