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Travel Recommendations for Your Upcoming visit to China

Whether you're looking for some amazing hiking spots, breathtaking scenery, or unique experiences, there are a number of stunning places in China that you won't want to miss. In fact, there's even a national park in the country that's a "must-see" for travelers to China.

Dongchuan Red Land

Located in Dongchuan district of Yunnan Province, Dongchuan Red Land is one of the most beautiful places in China. Its scenery is a blend of red soil, blue sky and mountains. The land is covered by colorful crops, forming a magnificent landscape.

Dongchuan Red Land is a very beautiful place to take pictures. Its colors are similar to those of Van Gough's oil paintings. The colors are vibrant and strong. The area is rich in iron and aluminum. The soil is also oxidized after many years. In addition, it is the most typical red soil on the Yunnan highlands.

The Dongchuan Red Land is located in the Dongchuan district, which is in the northeast of Kunming. It has a moderate climate and is ideal for farming and harvesting. It is ideal for travelers in spring and autumn.

Travelers can take a public bus or a private car to Dongchuan. If travelers are interested in photography, they should take a tour from middle May to early June. They can also take a photo tour in September and December.

There are a number of places to visit in Dongchuan Red Land. The sightseeing sites are distributed along three highway lines. Most of the scenic spots are located within a 10-minute drive from the main roads.

The most popular sites include Luoxiagou, Damakan Village, Shuipingzi and Embroidery Garden. The Embroidery Garden is an ideal place to take sunrise pictures.


Located in southern China, Yangshuo is known for its dramatic karst mountain scenery and outdoor activities. It is also famous for its mysterious ancient local dwelling houses. It is considered to be one of the most beautiful places in China.

The best way to see Yangshuo's natural beauty is to rent a scooter. You can also check out one of the many biking routes that pass through Yangshuo. For a few dollars a day, you can ride around the countryside while taking in the stunning scenery.


Another popular activity is rock climbing. You can find several climbing spots around town. A few of the most scenic include Low Mountain, Bamboo Grove, and Twin Gates. During the summer months, the village can get very hot, so be sure to bring a hat, water, and a raincoat.

The Li River passes through Yangshuo, offering a surreal experience of jagged mountain scenery. If you want to see the river from above, you can get a cruise aboard a tour boat.

Another popular way to see the city is to rent a motorcycle. Most guesthouses and hostels will provide this service. Be sure to check your brakes and check the suspension before you go. For a day's adventure, you should expect to pay between 70 and 100 RMB.

The Moon Hill is a geological wonder. It is a large limestone archway with spectacular views of the city. You can climb it in about 1.5 to 2 hours.

Jiuzhaigou National Nature Reserve

Located in the east of Sichuan province, Jiuzhaigou National Nature Reserve is a wonderful place to visit in China. Jiuzhaigou is home to many pristine bodies of water and a large number of endemic plants and animal species. It is also home to the endangered giant panda, a species that is in danger of extinction.

Jiuzhaigou is also a great destination to experience local culture. Jiuzhaigou County is famous for its Longji Rice Terraces, which are the "crown of terraced fields in the world." You can also experience Tibetan culture and customs in Jiuzhaigou.

Jiuzhaigou National Nature Reserve

Jiuzhaigou National Park is a large expanse of forests that cover 200,000 hectares of land. The park is considered a Biosphere Reserve. You will find a variety of pristine lakes and waterfalls in the park. The park is also home to the endangered giant panda and other animal species.

Jiuzhaigou contains 108 plateau lakes. The lakes vary in color because of their depth. There are also artificially reinforced dams in the lakes. Jiuzhaigou lakes are also known for their turquoise color. There are more than 120 bird species in the park.

The Jiuzhaigou National Park also has the famous Nuorilang Waterfall. The waterfall tumbles down in large spouts of foam. It is said to be the widest highland waterfall in China. You can enjoy the waterfall from different distances. It is also a great place for photographers.

Tianchi Lake on top of Cahngbai Mountain

Located in Changbai Mountain in northeastern China, Tianchi is a massive alpine lake, and is considered to be the deepest in the world. Its surface is nearly two billion cubic meters, and its maximum depth is 373 meters.

Tianchi is also known as Heavenly Lake, because it is said to have the bluest fresh water in the world. It is also the deepest alpine lake in China. The lake sits on top of a dormant volcano and is a source of many rivers in Northeast China.

There are many stories about the mysterious Tianchi Lake monster. Some witnesses claim to have seen the monster. Others have taken photos and video clips of the monster. However, none are clear enough to tell if they are real or not.

Tianchi Lake is part of the Changbai Mountain National Park Reserve. It is located in the northeastern province of Liaoning, China. The lake is said to be home to many rare and diverse flora and fauna species. The park is accessible by shuttle bus. It takes about 40 minutes to reach the foot of the mountain.

Tianchi Lake is a very large lake, and the area is full of hot springs. The water is said to be heated to temperatures of up to 42 degrees Celsius. It is also said to have hydrogen sulfide in it, so be sure to bring some clothes with you to protect yourself from the heat.

Tiger Leaping Gorge

Located in southwest China, Tiger Leaping Gorge is a gorge in the Jinsha River. It is a part of the Three Parallel Rivers World Heritage Site. The gorge is a spectacular setting for a hike.

The gorge is divided into three sections: the Upper, Middle, and Lower. The Upper Gorge is the gorge which is most popular with tourists, due to its sheer landscapes. The Middle Gorge is the gorge which is closest to Haba Snow Mountain. It is a narrow, wild gorge.

There are several hiking trails that start from the Upper Gorge and end at the Lower Gorge. These trails are 28 kilometers in length and offer stunning views. There are no ATMs on the trail, so you will need cash for your entire trip. The best time to hike the gorge is in April, May, and September.

The best place to view the scenery of the gorge is from the 1 km deep gully. This is because the elevation difference between the surrounding mountains and the river bed is over 12,000 feet. The hike is easy, but can be quite chilly at night.

Hiking the length of the gorge is also possible. It takes about two days to hike the gorge.

The Upper Gorge hiking trail is a plank road. It is a popular hike for tourists who want to enjoy the sheer natural beauty of the area. There are waterfalls along the trail and many guesthouses to stay in along the way.

Longquan Monastery

Located on a hilltop in Beijing, Longquan Monastery is a serene sanctuary that attracts many people seeking enlightenment. The monastic community is dedicated to Buddhism. It combines modern technology with ancient culture to promote Buddhism worldwide.

Aside from the long history of Buddhism at Longquan Monastery, it also is home to a new generation of monks who are highly educated and technologically savvy. Among the Monks, there are math prodigies, computer programmers, and nuclear physicists. The monastery has embraced modern technology to promote Buddhism and has developed a Buddhist version of Siri.

Recently, Longquan Monastery's abbot, Shi Xuecheng, was accused of sexually harassing nuns. The State Administration of Religious Affairs said it would investigate the allegations. However, the allegations were denied by the monastery.

The Longquan Monastery is also known as Longquan Temple. It was rebuilt after it was destroyed by war. In the past, monks in the temple took a vow of celibacy. In 2005, Longquan Temple reopened. Today, it is a favorite showpiece for the ruling Communist Party. It is also home to the Taoist Association of Yunnan Province.

The temple has a large campus. It also houses a library of over 100,000 books on Buddhism. In addition, there are iPads for studying sutras and webcams. The monastery's leader, Venerable Xuecheng, regularly dispenses small bits of wisdom to millions of online followers.

In recent years, the Longquan Monastery has embraced modern technology to promote Buddhism. In fact, the monastery developed a robot monk called Xian'er. Xian'er is designed to answer questions about Buddhism and help people who wish to practice Buddhism.

Excursions and Day Trips in China

Whether you are visiting China for the first time or you have been there for years, you will find that there are numerous day trips and excursions available for you to take advantage of. From the ancient Terracotta Warriors in Xi'an to the spectacular mountain vistas of Zhangjiajie, there is something to see and do on your trip. In fact, there are many different types of tours, from traditional multi-day tour packages to family-friendly adventures. You can also choose to customize your trip to meet your specific interests and needs. For example, if you love nature, there is a day trip to the Shilinxia Glass Platform, which is located in the scenic Shilinxia Scenic Area. The platform is built to allow visitors to have a spectacular view of the deep gorge that lies below.

You can also take a cruise along the Yangtze River, which leads to the Three Gorges Dam. You can view the towering cliffs and jade waters of the Yangtze River as you cruise along. The cruise also includes a visit to the Forbidden City and the Great Wall of China. Lastly, you can also check out the Jade Buddha Temple, which is home to numerous religious artifacts. The temple is also home to the world's largest Jade Buddha.

Another great day trip from Beijing is the Shilinxia Scenic Area. This area is home to a 12-kilometer stretch of gorge. The platform is massive and offers incredible views of the deep gorge. The platform also features a variety of attractions, including the Path of Souls and the Avenue of Stone Statues. You can even take a cable car to the bottom of the gorge for a great view. You can also take a hike along the wall to learn more about its history.

The Chen Ancestral Shrine is a cultural site in Guangzhou. This temple was originally built in the 1890s when the western style was popular. Today, it is known as the Guangdong Folk Art Museum. You can also check out the Chen Clan Academy, a Confucian Imperial Examinations site. You can also take a tour of the traditional Kaili Miao villages and learn more about the local culture.

Xi'an is the former capital of China and is considered to be the cradle of Chinese civilization. The Terracotta Warriors are located here, and visitors can also visit the ancient City Walls. The city is also home to the Jade Buddha Temple, which is home both to a world-class Buddha statue and Buddhist scriptures. The temple is also home to many other religious artifacts. You can also take a trip to the ancient city of Shaxi.

The Jade Buddha Temple is located among modern blocks, but it is a peaceful oasis tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the city. You can also enjoy Chinese tea and watch folk entertainment at Renmin Park. You can also visit the world's tallest Buddha, which is located in the World Cultural Heritage site of Guilin.

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