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Travel Tips for visiting Portofino

Taking a guided tour or excursion to Portofino is the perfect way to enjoy your time in this breathtaking Italian destination. There are so many options to choose from, including tours of the Ligure coast and St George Sanctuary. If you are a water sports enthusiast, you can even take a kayak or snorkelling tour of the surrounding water.


St. George Sanctuary

Located in the Ligurian Riviera in Italy, Portofino is a quaint fishing village that has become a popular vacation spot. Its colorful buildings draw attention to the harbor. There is plenty to see and do here, including the St. George Sanctuary guided tours and excursions.

Portofino is a small town that can be easily walked around on foot. There are a number of streets that are easily explored in just a few minutes. These streets are lined with shops and general stores. Some of the more expensive boutiques can be found on Via Roma, the main street in the city. There are also several cheaper souvenir shops and coffee shops.

The Portofino lighthouse is located on a cliff forty meters above the sea. It was built in 1910 and is surrounded by a wooded area. Its views are spectacular. The lighthouse is perfect for sea lovers.

Portofino is also home to the Portofino Mount Park, which is a protected area for many wildlife species. There are hiking trails that lead to great photographic opportunities. Among the many animals you'll see are squirrels, wild boar, and many birds.

If you're interested in diving, Portofino offers snorkeling excursions. The water in Portofino is ideal for diving. Its reefs are protected, and you'll have the chance to spot dolphins and turtles. You can also take a boat ride to get better views of the town.

Santa Margherita Ligure

Whether you are looking for a private tour of Santa Margherita Ligure in Portofino or an activity that includes a boat trip, you will find a lot to do. Your guide will take you through the city's historical highlights and hidden gems. You can also enjoy shopping, people-watching and dining. Portofino is famous for its scenic beauty, pastel-coloured houses, and elegant villas.

Santa Margherita Ligure

A Portofino tour includes a ferry boat ride and a walk around the port. You can also take a cooking class. A cooking class includes a 3-hour class, a light lunch in Portofino, and a pesto making class. This class is available every day between March and October.

Portofino is famous for its beautiful sea views. The city has pastel-coloured houses, arcades, and luxurious villas. You can also enjoy a guided hike that leads through olive groves and vineyards. It is an easy level trek, which will allow you to enjoy a relaxing excursion.

Portofino is the ideal destination for travelers looking to enjoy a unique experience in Italy. The city has a variety of historical attractions, including a castle built by Genoa in 1550. Its port features a characteristic marina, local fishermen, and luxury boats.

Portofino is also famous for its natural heritage. The city is surrounded by a protected marine area.

Kayak and snorkelling tour

Located on the Italian Riviera coastline southeast of Genoa, Portofino is a popular resort destination for vacationers. It is home to a famous yacht club and has many chic restaurants, designer shops and local entertainment.

Portofino is a quaint village with picturesque harbors and brightly coloured buildings. It is also home to a 14th century Castello Brown. Portofino is also famous for its mild climate and beautiful harbour. Those looking for a fun day trip can take a guided tour to see Portofino from a unique perspective.

The Portofino Kayak and Snorkelling tour is a unique way to see the area from the sea. The tour includes a boat tour to the Tigullio Gulf, a kayaking excursion in Portofino, a snorkeling excursion in the marine reserve, a tasting of local wines and focaccia, and a meal facing the sea.

The Portofino Kayak Tour is an excursion suitable for all ages and abilities. It includes a full set of equipment, an environmental guide, and an instructor. The tour starts with a tour of Portofino, a paddle through the Park of Portofino, and a snorkeling session. It ends with an organic lunch of locally grown food, and wine.

The Portofino Kayak tour explores the hidden caves and inlets of the Park of Portofino, as well as the unspoiled coastline of the Park. It is a fun and exciting way to see the area's natural beauty. Afterwards, guests can swim in the clear, inviting water of the Tigullio Gulf.

The best things to do in Portofino

If you're visiting the charming coastal town of Portofino, there are a number of things you must do. While you're here, don't miss the San Martino church and the Brown Castle. You can also go hiking or swimming in the Ligurian Sea.

San Martino church

If you are looking for one of the most picturesque spots on the Ligurian coast, Portofino is the place to be. The small town is located right on the sea, and you can take a ferry to other places along the Riviera. While you're there, make sure to explore the artistic side of town. You'll find beautiful paintings inside many of the churches. You'll also find new neighborhoods to visit and great foods to try.

San Martino church

One of the most beautiful spots in the town is San Fruttuoso Abbey. The stunningly beautiful building is located in a cove, accessible only by boat or on foot. Regular boats leave from Portofino and take about 30 minutes to arrive there. Alternatively, you can take the overland route, which takes about 90 minutes.

Swimming in the Ligurian sea

The Ligurian sea is a popular destination for swimming, but it is important to note that the area is quite rocky, so visitors should take special care when swimming. The rocks can obstruct your way until you are far out in the sea. Although the coast is famously beautiful, you should avoid swimming if you are unable to swim well in the current.

One of the most famous beaches in the area is that of Portofino, and it is the birthplace of Italian diving. You may also want to head over to Arenzano, which is home to many great shipwrecks. The western coast of Liguria is less popular than the eastern coast, so if you're looking for less crowded waters, consider swimming at one of these locations instead.


Portofino is a great place for hiking, and there are a variety of different trails to choose from. Many of these trails are ideal for all levels of fitness and offer spectacular views of the Mediterranean Sea. Depending on your level of fitness, you can choose between beginner to advanced routes.

You can take a walk through the San Fruttuoso sanctuary, starting from the Spendido Hotel. From there, you can follow the E12 trail, which leads to the back of town. You can also choose to hike through the sanctuary itself, either backwards or forwards.


One of the best ways to explore the countryside around Portofino is to go hiking. However, it can be difficult to find the best hiking trails in the area. The best hiking routes around Portofino cover a range of terrain, from single tracks and peaks to accessible paths. These trails are ideal for people of all fitness levels and provide the opportunity to see the stunning scenery.

The walk from the SML to the village of Paraggi is 5.4 km or about 3 miles long. It follows the shore, although the path is not entirely paved. There is a 50-foot section with no sidewalk, so walkers must pay special attention to the path. At the end of the walk, they will arrive at Paraggi, a perfect cove with a number of services. It is also the beach where the famous novel "Love in Portofino" was set.

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