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Everyone can find something to enjoy in Treviso, whether you are interested in its history and culture, architecture, great art, or delectable cuisine.

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Information That Will Help With Your Visit to Treviso

Whether you are visiting Treviso for the first time or if you've been there for years, guided tours and excursions in Treviso are a great way to explore the city. You'll have a personal guide show you around, and they can arrange for transportation to and from the airport, too. You'll also get to see the Walled City, San Marco's Basilica, and the fish market, among other things.

San Marco's Basilica

During the early 11th century, a Byzantine building, Palazzo Ducale, was set aside to house Saint Mark's relics. However, when the Fourth Crusade began in 1204 and the city of Constantinople fell, the four bronze horses were moved and taken to Venice.

San Marco's Basilica

The current Basilica was constructed in the shape of a Latin cross and became the city's cathedral in 1807. It has over 4,000 square meters of mosaics and over 500 columns dating back to the third century.

The main dome is decorated with early thirteenth-century mosaics. The mosaics tell stories from the Old Testament, the Virgin Mary and local legends. The domes are almost 13 meters in diameter. It is possible to get the best views of the mosaics from galleries around the basilica.

Fish market

Whether you're in search of a romantic getaway or a relaxing break, Treviso is a great city for a visit. There are plenty of things to see and do in this charming city, making it a popular destination for tourists.

Treviso is a walled city and has a maze of canals and cobblestone streets. If you're looking to see some ancient Italian masterpieces, visit the Museum of Santa Caterina. The church houses art from the medieval era and archeological collections.

The city is known as "Venice of the mainland." You can take a guided tour of the city's highlights. You'll see the famous shopping street Calmaggiore and a number of art galleries. You can also visit the Museo Diocesano, which houses religious artwork from the 13th century.


Located in the heart of the Italian region of Veneto, Treviso is a city that is characterized by historical and cultural heritage. Throughout the centuries, the city has been a place of art and inspiration. The Treviso museums are a perfect continuation of this historical and artistic heritage. They are located in three buildings in the old center of town. They provide visitors with a comprehensive overview of the history, culture and natural history of the city.

Treviso is home to three museums, which are a great choice for a family trip. The Luigi Bailo Museum, Museo Diocesano and the Santa Caterina Museum are all located in the old center of the city. Each of these museums is devoted to the history and culture of the area.

 Santa Caterina Museum

Walled city

During the 16th century, Treviso was part of the Venetian Republic. The city's centre was fortified and surrounded by a wall. Today, the walls are mostly intact.

Treviso is situated along the Sile River. The city has a large number of waterways. Visitors can follow the river in either direction. It is a romantic place to visit, as the waterways are a wonderful sight.

Treviso is also home to several museums. The Civic Museums of Treviso have an extensive collection of artworks from the medieval ages to modern sculptures. The Museo di Santa Caterina is home to an exceptional collection of paintings and sculptures. This museum is housed in a restored 14th century church. Its collection includes paintings by Titian and Pietro Longhi.

Transportation from the airport

Getting transportation from the airport for guided tours and excursions in Treviso, Italy can be done in a few different ways. Some private companies offer airport shuttle vans that can be reserved in advance. Others use public transportation. Depending on which option you choose, the time it takes to get to your destination can vary.

ATVO offers daily bus service between Venice and Treviso. Ticket prices range from EUR12 to EUR22 one way. Tickets are valid for 10 days. They can be purchased at the airport or at the ATVO ticket office at Via Capuccina 183 near the railway station. You will need to validate your ticket before you board the bus. The ticket office is open from 07:30 to 22:00.

The best things to do in Treviso

When planning a trip to Treviso, Italy, there are many things to see and do. This picturesque city is home to many canals, and a neoclassical palace stands on the central Piazza dei Signori. The city is also home to the Fontana delle Tette, a fountain from the 16th century used to dispense wine. You can explore the Duomo, a Gothic church with a neoclassical facade and Romanesque crypt. You can also see the medieval frescoes in the Civic Museums main site.

Places to visit in Treviso

The city of Treviso is located in the northeastern region of Italy and features numerous canals. The central Piazza dei Signori features the 16th-century Fountain of Tette and the Duomo, with its neoclassical façade and Romanesque crypt. The Civic Museums' main site houses medieval frescoes.

Fountain of Tette


Dining is one of the best things to do in Treviso, as this town has a wealth of great restaurants. You'll find local specialties here, including grappa-aged cheese and sopressa salami. It's also worth checking out the museums in the city, which house some of Italy's best artwork.


The city of Treviso in Italy has canals that stretch around its historic city walls. The city has three canals that branch off of the Botteniga river, which flows into Treviso. The three canals run along the city walls and are lined with chestnut trees. The city is also home to a number of picturesque old town houses and arcades. Many of the houses have beautiful landscaped rest areas and balconies overlooking the canals.


Cycling is a popular activity in the region. Treviso is known for its cycling culture. It hosted the national championships of Italy in 2010 and the world championships in 1999. In addition, the city is home to a bike manufacturing company, Pinarello. The 600-km-long Munich-Venice cycle route also passes through the area. A nearby hotel, the Hotel Canon d'Oro, offers discounts to cyclists.

Art museums

Those who want to explore the city's cultural history will love the art museums in Treviso. They are open to all and will allow you to learn about the city's art history. In 1879, the city's first museum was built. It was originally a library where ancient epigraphs were exhibited, but it eventually expanded into former convent spaces. Today, the Treviso Museum of Art displays works from many eras and has an extensive collection.


If you are on a sweet tooth, Treviso's famous Tiramisu is a must-try. This dessert has an ancient history, and is one of the most popular desserts in the world. The original version of Tiramisu was made in Treviso around 1800. It was created by a clever "maitresse" of a pleasure house. Siora used coffee, mascarpone, and cocoa to create a renowned dessert. Over time, it evolved into the delicious dessert that it is today.

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