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Whether you're looking for a vacation in Acapulco, Mexico or you're a local who wants to discover new things, there are plenty of options to choose from. Acapulco is a beach resort town on the Pacific coast of Mexico that is home to a high-energy nightlife, a number of golf courses, and a wide array of beaches.


Old Acapulco

Located in the Baja California, Acapulco is a port city. Its main attraction is the world-famous cliff-diving shows, but you can also find some interesting museums.

Acapulco is famous for its cliff divers, who perform death-defying dives on a daily basis. These buff men in speedo bathing suits plunge gracefully into a narrow chasm of churning water. The diving is illuminated at night by torches.

Acapulco is a tropical town that experiences a rainy season from June to October. Its water can reach knee-height in just a few hours.

Acapulco is famous for the La Quebrada cliff diving shows. You can see them performing at least five times a day. The divers have to time their dives to incoming waves.

Acapulco is home to several museums, including the Fuerte de San Diego, which traces the history of the city. Its excellent museum features a collection of Mexican ceremonial masks.

Acapulco is also home to several beautiful beaches, including Condesa Beach and Diamante. These two beaches are safe for LGBTQ+ travelers and maintain a welcoming atmosphere.

In the traditional area of Acapulco, you can find La Roqueta island, which provides some of the best snorkeling in the area. The island is home to several inlets for snorkeling. You can take a ferry to the island from Caleta or Caletilla.

Acapulco is a large city, and you'll probably need to rent a car to get around. If you want to see all the sights, you can join an Acapulco historical tour. It's a six-hour excursion that includes a stop at La Quebrada, where you can watch the cliff divers.

La Quebrada

Located on the Pacific coast of Mexico, Acapulco is home to some of the country's best beaches. There are a number of ways to experience this exciting destination. You can swim, relax, or try some of the many water sports available. For history buffs, you can learn about the city's colonial past at the Acapulco Historic Museum.

The city is also home to La Quebrada, a famous tourist attraction. The rock formation features cliff divers who perform an amazing show. You can catch a glimpse of the action from the roadside, or pay for a better view.

The cliffs surrounding La Quebrada are a dangerous mix of rocks, so it is wise to be cautious. The show, which consists of a number of jumps and acrobatics, lasts around 25 minutes.

The cliffs are also home to a shrine to the Virgin of Guadalupe, the patron saint of Mexico. The shrine is located on the uppermost part of the cliff, and is said to have a magical effect on tourists.

The cliffs have also been the setting for a number of movies. The film Fun in Acapulco was filmed there, and brought the cliffs to the world's attention.

The cliffs are also the backdrop for the high diver world championship, which attracts a few million visitors each year. The competition has been held annually at La Quebrada since 1934.

Coyuca Lagoon

Located in the state of Guerrero, Acapulco is a famous destination for tourist. The city is known for its tropical weather and golden beaches facing the Pacific Ocean. This port has something to offer for visitors of all ages. It offers a wide variety of water activities, such as snorkeling and scuba diving. Acapulco is also a great place for historical tours.

Acapulco is also known for its stunning sunsets. A visit to the Coyuca Lagoon is one of the best ways to watch the beautiful sunsets. The lagoon has a natural habitat for many species of birds. The lagoon is also home to water hyacinths, mangroves, and a diverse range of flora. It is an ideal place for bird-watchers and water-sports enthusiasts.

Acapulco's port is one of the most popular places to tour. You can take a cruise around the bay or to explore the local lagoons and mangroves. These excursions can be arranged privately or with a group. Some cruises are also available with drinks and dancing.

There are many nature and wildlife tours for families with children. They include boat rides, Temazcal saunas, and turtle releases. You can also visit petroglyphs and archaeological sites.

Acapulco's beach is considered the queen of all Mexican beaches. It attracts visitors year-round. The town also has plenty of restaurants and shopping boutiques. The city is known for its charismatic people and delicious cuisine.

Cliff diving

Among the numerous tourist attractions in Acapulco is the Cliff Divers show. This is an exciting attraction for those interested in the thrill of cliff jumping. The divers perform daily shows and dive from a height of 30 meters or 41 meters. The show lasts for 25 minutes.

The Acapulco cliff diving tradition began in the 1930s with local fisherman. Then the El Mirador Hotel manager turned the sport into a full-fledged tourist attraction. The cliff divers jump off a platform built into the cliffs, clearing obstacles along the way.

The Guinness Book of World Records lists the Acapulco cliff diving as the highest regularly performed headfirst dive in the world. The cliffs are approximately 35 meters high. The height is important, as it will affect the speed of the diver's fall. Typical cliff dives are between 55 and 90 feet.

The cliffs are known for their dangers. The cliffs are surrounded by dangerous rocks, so the cliff divers must time their jumps to avoid hitting these rocks. It is also essential to consider the wind and tide. They must jump at a good time, so that the waves will fill the lagoon and prevent the divers from hitting rocks.

There are two main sites in Acapulco for cliff diving. One is the El Mirador Hotel, which has a perfect sightline of the rocky shoreline. The other site is the La Quebrada cliffs.

Sightseeing tours

Located on Mexico's Pacific coast, Acapulco is a famous beach resort town. The city is backed by the Sierra Madre del Sur mountains and is known for its beaches and high-energy nightlife.

Tours of Acapulco are available through tour guides, ship excursion managers, and cruise lines. Acapulco sightseeing tours usually focus on the scenic and colorful attractions of the city. They include stops at landmarks, local churches, and a pinata workshop. These tours can be private, allowing guests to customize the experience to fit their needs.

The city's oldest section is Old Acapulco, a peninsula on the western side of the bay. This area is best suited for walking, but taxis are available for those who prefer to drive. The area is lined with palm trees and narrow streets.

Another section of Acapulco is the Punta Diamante area, which is home to luxury hotels. This is also where you will find La Perla, a restaurant with an amazing view of the Pacific. It also offers a three-course dinner.

Acapulco has a variety of restaurants, from casual cafes to fine dining experiences. Most are not formal, and require little or no dress code.

One of the city's top attractions is La Quebrada, a cliff with professional high divers. You can take a tour to La Quebrada from your hotel and enjoy a table with a spectacular view of the divers.


Whether you're in Acapulco for a vacation or just a night out, you'll have a great time with the city's exciting nightlife. There are many options, from large nightclubs to charming local bars.

The best club in Acapulco is probably Baby'O. It's a local establishment that attracts a young, vibrant crowd. The venue features tropical jungle decor, a cave entrance, and dance floors. You'll also find a variety of quality domestic and imported drinks. It's an ideal spot for Latin American style dancing, or just listening to the best in Latino music.

Another great party place is Senor Frog's Acapulco. It's not a traditional dance hall, but the atmosphere is crazy. The women wear corsair outfits and dance on tables. There are also tequila shooters.

The other great Acapulco club is the Palladium. It's a local institution with a jaw-dropping view. It's open on Friday and Saturday nights from 10:30 pm to 6:00 am. They have live DJs, great sound systems, and an open bar.

You'll have to pay for your cover, but the cover charge is usually quite low for a dance club. It's easy to get around Acapulco by foot or by taxi.

If you're in Acapulco for the beach, you'll want to check out the Acapulco Bay beach. It's a little more relaxed than Playa Caleta and Caletilla, but you'll still have plenty of activities to keep you busy.

Day trips from Acapulco

Whether you're looking for a day trip from Acapulco or you're planning a vacation, Mexico's Pacific coast is a beautiful place to visit. From beaches to nature to wildlife, you'll be able to find a tour that's perfect for you.

For example, the Coyuca Lagoon is one of the best places to see in Acapulco. The lagoon is famous for its lush vegetation and calm water. It also attracts hundreds of bird species. There are also several mangroves that can be explored. If you're an avid bird watcher, you'll be glad to know that the lagoon is home to more than just seagulls.

Acapulco's Chapel of Peace is an icon of the city. It was built in the 1970s to commemorate two brothers. It's a simple structure with no bells or whistles, but the views from the top are worth it.

Chapel of Peace

Other sights to see in Acapulco include the Mural Diego Rivera. This monument was finished in the last days of the famed artist's life. It depicts the Quetzalcoatl, an Aztec religious figure. It's located in the Las Playas area of Acapulco.

If you're a history buff, you'll be pleased to learn that there are several archaeological sites and petroglyphs in Acapulco. It's also a good idea to take a walking tour of the town. You'll have the opportunity to explore several landmarks, including the Templo de Santa Prisca.

Other notable sights to see in Acapulco include a witch doctor market. The market features traditional medicinal supplies, a boat cruise on the Coyuca Lagoon, and a release of endangered turtle babies.

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