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Interesting facts about Serbia

Located in Southeastern Europe and Central Europe, Serbia is a landlocked country at the crossroads of the Pannonian Basin and the Balkans. There are many interesting places to visit in Serbia, which includes the city of Novi Sad and the country's capital, Belgrade. You can also explore the Kopaonik National Park, the Fruska Gora Mountain, and the Ovcar-Kablar Gorge.

Novi Sad

Located on the banks of the Danube River, Novi Sad is a great place to visit in Serbia. Its old quarter is located in the Stari Grad area. This is where you can find the neo-Renaissance City Hall and Gothic Revival Name of Mary Church.

The city is compact and is easy to navigate by foot. It has plenty of street art and colourful murals that you can find along the streets and alleys. It is a great place to walk around and enjoy the atmosphere. The streets are lined with shops and eateries.

Novi Sad is home to the largest fortress in Europe. The fortress is located by the Danube River and was built in the 17th and 18th century. It features an iconic clock tower and a large underground system. You can take a walking tour of the fortress to see all of its attractions.

There are a number of other great attractions in Novi Sad. The Bishop's Palace is home to Bishop Bulovic. The building is eclectic in style, with influences from Byzantine and Eastern motifs. It is located on Zmaj Jovina Street. You can visit the building during Days of European Heritage.

There are a number of kafanas, or traditional Serbian taverns, in the city. You can try local dishes such as fish and zelenis. If you want a more Western dish, you can try pizza.

Fruska Gora Mountain

Located in the Syrmia region of northern Serbia, Fruska Gora Mountain is a beautiful jewel of Serbia. Before the Roman conquest, the region was inhabited by the Celts and the Illyrians. After the Romans came, the area was renamed Alma Mons. The mountain is now covered with vineyards and woods. It is also home to rare species of plant and animal.

Fruska Gora has several monasteries. It is the oldest national park in Serbia. The park has more than 170 recognized touristic locations. The park has 400 kilometers of marked hiking trails. It is also home to 17 historic monasteries.

Fruska Gora was named a national nature park in 1960. It is located in Vojvodina, Serbia. There are several buses that take visitors to the park from Novi Sad, the capital of Serbia. Buses leave from the main bus station in Novi Sad daily.

Fruska Gora Mountain

There are several famous picnic sites in Fruska Gora. Some of the most popular include Strazilovo, Popovica, Zmajevac, and Brankovevac. These sites are mostly visited during weekends and holidays.

Studenica Monastery is one of the most popular tourist sites in Serbia. The monastery is famous for its serene Orthodox saint murals and gold iconostasis. The monastery has been updated over the centuries. The monastery is also known for its soundings.

The monastery was founded in the 12th century. It is one of the four UNESCO World Heritage sites in Serbia.

Ovcar-Kablar Gorge

Located in the Central Serbia, Ovcar-Kablar Gorge is a unique natural treasure that has been recognized as a protected natural asset. It is characterized by a diverse landscape, unique flora and fauna and culturally important monasteries. This is an area that is suitable for unique vacations.

The gorge is part of a composite valley of the West Morava river, which flows through it. It is one of the most beautiful sights in Serbia. In the area, you will find a dozen monasteries dating back to the Middle Ages. You will also find numerous cave entrances. The gorge is a habitat for 150 bird species, 19 mammals, and over 600 different plants.

Several monasteries have been renovated over the years. The oldest is believed to be Nikolje, which was a monastery that used to have 300 monks. Today, it is a female monastery. The monastery is located near the water of the Morava. It has a church dedicated to St. Nicholas.

Other monasteries include Blagoveshtenje, Kadjenica, Ilinje, Vavedenje, and Preobrazenje. All of them have significant cultural significance. One of them, Kadjenica, is dedicated to the tragedy of the local population during the Turkish conquest. Another monastery is dedicated to the birth of St. John the Baptist.

If you are looking for a relaxing holiday, then you should consider a visit to Ovcar-Kablar Gorge. This gorge is one of the most beautiful sights in Serbia. It is home to several monasteries, which are located near the West Morava river. You can find several spas in the area. You can also enjoy a cruise on the West Morava lake. This will give you a view of the monastery and the gorge.


Known as the 'Green Heart of Serbia', Sokobanja is a place of outstanding natural beauty. Sokobanja has been a favorite tourist destination for the locals and tourists for a long time. With its untouched nature, Sokobanja is the perfect place for an active holiday.

The most visited tourist attractions in Sokobanja are the Ripaljka waterfall and Milosev konak. Both waterfalls are located near the river Gradasnica. During spring and summer, the waterfalls are rich in water.

Sokobanja is known for its thermal mineral springs, which are healing and are suitable for convalescence after injuries. It is also known for its healing mud and mineral water.

In Sokobanja, you can enjoy water sports, hiking and biking. You can also go on a cave tour. The best time to visit Sokobanja is during the summer. During the summer, you can enjoy swimming and water sports. You can also take a walk in nature and stop at picnic areas.

In the center of Sokobanja, you can visit the open-air stage where concerts are organized. You can also watch plays and literary evenings organized by the Association of Artists 'Vrelo'. You can also visit the Gallery-Legacy of Milun Mitrovic.

The oldest Serbian spa is located in Sokobanja. It was formerly named Velika Banja. Today, it is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Serbia. It is known for its natural beauty and has a unique atmosphere.

Kopaonik National Park

Among the five national parks of Serbia, Kopaonik is one of the most beautiful. It is a mountain paradise with its amazing natural beauty and abundant mineral resources. Besides its famous ski slopes, Kopaonik is a perfect spot for all types of summer and winter activities.

The best way to get to Kopaonik is by car. The road from the city of Josanicka Banja to Krusevac passes through Kopaonik. There are a number of hotels in Kopaonik, most of which offer half-board and private apartment-type accommodation. Private apartments cost EUR50 to EUR80 per night.

Kopaonik is also famous for its spa. The spa is located at the foot of the mountain. The water in the spa has healing properties. There is also an aqua park.

Kopaonik National Park

Kopaonik's tourist center is connected with the Ibar Highway by a modern tarmac road. Kopaonik is a great place for hiking, skiing, rafting and other winter sports. During the winter months, snow is plentiful and the temperature is mild.

Kopaonik is also one of the largest forest-pasture zones in central Serbia. The park's terrain features deep river gorges and beautiful forests. The park is also home to more than 1,000 plant species and more than 200 bird species. It is a perfect place to relax and enjoy nature.

There are many hotels, restaurants, and clubs in Kopaonik. The resort offers a variety of activities, including hiking, skiing, paragliding, and mountain biking.


Located in the wine-growing region of Sumadija, Topola is a small town that is full of historical significance. Its proximity to Belgrade makes it an ideal destination for a day trip. Topola is known for its historical and cultural heritage, as well as its natural beauty. The town is home to many medieval monasteries and vineyards.

The town of Topola was established between 1804 and 1813. It is believed that Dorde Petrovic Karadorde was the founder of the town. The town's core is built around Karadorde's stone house and church.

The area has a moderately-continental climate. It has been a wine-growing region since Roman times. The wine-making industry is a big part of the economy, but there are other attractions to see in the area.

The town of Topola is located in the northern part of the Sumadija district. It is a short drive from Belgrade and Kragujevac. The climate is moderate, making it pleasant year-round.

King Peter I, the founder of the Serbian royal family, spent his childhood in Topola. His family had several vineyards in the area. The family also built a mausoleum for King Peter I. The mausoleum contains the tombs of 29 members of the royal family.

Another attraction is the King's Winery. The King's Winery is home to Karadorde Konak, a museum dedicated to the founding of the dynasty. It is also the burial place of the Royal Family of Serbia.

Excursions and Day Trips in Serbia

Whether you are visiting Belgrade, Serbia, for a long or short stay, there are a variety of day trips to consider. You can either rent a car and explore the city on your own, or hire a guide to show you around. Many of the day trips from Belgrade will take you to the countryside, where you can take in the scenery, visit a winery, and sample Serbian wine.

Fruska Gora is a National Park in northern Serbia. It's known for its scenic beauty and is home to many historic monasteries. You can choose to go to the park on your own, or take a tour that includes the park. Fruska Gora is home to more than a dozen monasteries and vineyards, including Vrdnik-Ravanica Monastery. You can also visit the park's waterfalls and natural hot springs.

In addition to the national park, the region is also home to a number of spa centers. You can visit the spa resorts in Orasac or Arandelovac, or you can visit the local wineries. One of the local wineries is Aleksandrovic Winery, which makes wine using traditional royal recipes. You can also visit the ethno tavern, Karadordev Vajat, in Orasac.

You can also visit the Oplenac Royal Complex in Topola, which includes a mausoleum of the king of Serbia. The complex also features Karadorde's remains. During the First Serbian Uprising against the Ottomans, Karadorde was the leader. He was also buried in the Mausoleum of St. George Church in Topola.

Another destination is the Resava Cave, located in eastern Serbia. The cave is one of the oldest and largest in the country, with flowstone waterfalls and named formations. The cave can be reached by car in two hours, or by bus in three hours. You can also take an organized tour of the cave.

Another attraction is Lake Palic, which is a beautiful lake in Serbia. The lake is located about twenty minutes from Subotica. There are plenty of places to hike around the lake, and locals often go fishing in the lake. The lake is particularly picturesque at sunset. It's also home to a movie festival. A thirty-minute walk around the lake will give you a glimpse of what life is like in this region of Serbia.

Another place to visit is the Uvac Special Nature Reserve, which is located near Novi Pazar in southwestern Serbia. This place is known for its ecological work, bird watching, and beautiful scenery. It's also home to the rare Gryffin Vulture. Guests can also take a boat tour of the lake. The reserve is also home to the Krusedol Monastery, which is a "second Studenica" of Serbian history. The monastery is surrounded by lush vegetation.

You can also take a day trip from Belgrade to the Zagajicka Hills, which are located just outside the city. You can hike through the hilly terrain, visit the natural hot springs, or taste local wine. All tours are conducted by certified English-speaking guides, and all tours include comfortable vehicles.

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