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Whether you are planning a trip to Belarus or just want to learn more about this Eastern European country, there are some amazing places to visit. Belarus is landlocked, bordering Poland and Russia to the west, Lithuania and Latvia to the northwest, and Ukraine and Russia to the northeast.


Located on the Svisloch River, Minsk is a central city in Belarus. It has a historical center and a modern center. It is one of the best places to visit in Belarus.

Independence Square is a prominent part of the city. It is home to the Church of Saint Simon and Helena, which is known as the Red Church. The Church was built in 1910. It was built in memory of a Polish aristocrat, Edward Woynillowicz.

Minsk is home to the National Library of Belarus. The library houses over two million books and is the largest in Belarus. The library has a public observation deck on the 23rd floor. It offers visitors panoramic views of the city and is surrounded by a small park.

The Stalin Line Museum Complex is another tourist attraction in Minsk. It includes a reenactment battlefield, as well as restored bunkers with authentic interiors. The complex also includes a kaleidoscopic light show that changes with the season.


If you are looking for a good place to shop for meat, spices and fresh produce, the Minsk supermarket is a good place to start. The supermarket has a good variety of products, including dairy products.

If you are looking for a more traditional place to shop, you may want to visit the Old Town. This part of the city was once a working class area. There are cafes, bars and street musicians. It is also home to the Holy Spirit Cathedral, the main orthodox cathedral in Belarus.

The Old Town is a nice diversion from the modern center. You can enjoy live music concerts in summer and Christmas fairs in winter.

The National Library of Belarus offers visitors a chance to see the city from an observation deck on the 23rd floor. Visitors can also enjoy a kaleidoscopic light show that includes a ferris wheel.

National Park Pripyatsky

Located on the eastern part of Gomel region in Belarus, the Pripyatsky National Park is a large, protected natural area. It is surrounded by rivers and floodplain-river complexes. The park is densely forested, including high wetlands, swamps and oak forests. The park is home to more than 200 species of birds, 50 mammals, 100 bison, and a number of other rare species.

The Pripyatsky Park has collections of amphibians, insects, large hoofed animals, and reptiles. It also has herbaria of rare plants.

The park contains 256 species of birds, including the White-backed Woodpecker and Short-toed Eagle. It is also home to foxes and hares. The park has been included in the top 15 territories in Belarus for biodiversity.

The Pripyat River is an important aquatic ecosystem, providing habitat for wild birds. Boating tours allow visitors to observe aquatic life up close.

National Park Pripyatsky

The Pripyatsky Park is home to a number of species that are considered rare, including the White-backed Woodpecker, Short-toed Eagle, and European bison. There are also several species of hares and wild boar. The park was also included in the list of biodiversity threat zones.

The Polesye and Turau region is also part of the park. It is known as the largest lowland forest in Eastern Europe. It contains big oaks and birches. The forest was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1992. The park is located 250 kilometers south of Minsk.

Belovezhskaya Pushcha was the first national park in Belarus. It was established on September 16, 1991. The park was formerly known as a State Reserve. The reserve was reorganized into a national park in 1996. The park covers 101.5 thousand hectares.

Komarovsky Marketplace

Located in the historic district of Kazhetsia, the Komarovsky market is a place where you can buy food and other items. The market was once called the village of Komarovka and has a long history.

The market is open Tuesday to Sunday and has a seasonal section. You can buy fruit, vegetables, and other foods here. The prices are relatively high compared to other spots in Minsk. However, the quality of goods is much higher.

The market is divided into five sectors. The first two sectors are mainly for retail shopping. The third sector is for food. The market has hundreds of trading places for trade in foods, preserves, and fresh-frozen fish. You can also buy some branded products for manufacturing enterprises here. The fourth and fifth sectors are more for trade in traditional Belarusian goods.

The main building in the market is a huge covered hall. There are also several other structures here. One of them is a large fountain. The market has been renovated over the years. The grand hall is a comfortable place to sit.

Another interesting thing to see here is the World War Two Victory Monument. The monument features an eternal flame, a golden-lit wreath, and cast iron heroic scenes. It can be seen before noon. You can also visit the Stalin Line section, which is a reenactment battlefield. This is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Belarus. It is also home to a number of restored bunkers and military equipment.

The Belarussian National Museum is another place you may want to stop by. This museum offers a variety of exhibits, including a real working mill, a potter, weaving machines, and a farmstead with animals. The museum also offers horseback rides, and tastings of homemade products.


Located on the western coast of Belarus, Lida is a beautiful city with many attractions. The city is located near the capital city of Minsk. This makes it a great day trip from Minsk. Lida is also a city that has a large Jewish community.

During World War II, the Lida community was taken by the Russians. However, many families returned home after the Germans left. Lida was also occupied by the Poles. Many famous rabbis were found in the city. One of these rabbis was Rabbi Elimelek Kopstein. He was also involved in community affairs. He wrote the book "Pri Yaakov" that explains the meaning of Torah.

Another of the attractions is the National Library of Belarus. This massive library has a huge book collection with more than 10 million titles. It also has a rooftop panorama open-air observation deck. It is a must-see attraction for tourists in Belarus.

Another famous site is the Berestye Archeological Museum. This museum was opened in the 1980s. It is home to over 1400 period artifacts. The museum also includes 28 traditional log cabins.

Another attraction is the Radziwill Castle. The castle is located on the side of a lake. It was once home to the Radziwill family. The castle was restored to excellent condition. It is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Among the most beautiful places in Belarus is Belovezhskaya Pushcha National Park. This park spans Belarus and Poland and is home to many different species of animals and plants. The park is also known for its lush landscape. The park is a protected land area and is home to European Bison.

Another place to visit in Belarus is the Minsk botanical garden. The garden features deciduous trees, flower beds, and kiosks. The garden is close to the Belarussian Academy of science.

Mir Castle

Located in the village of Mir, Belarus, Mir Castle is a landmark that is known for its architectural splendour. It is a popular destination for tourists to Belarus. It is a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Originally owned by the Ilinich family, Mir Castle was reconstructed in the 16th century. It was built in a Gothic and Renaissance style, and features massive fortification walls and towers. The facades of Mir Castle are decorated with limestone portals. The architecture is also based on the alternation of ornamental brick belts laid in a traditional kerb.

Mir Castle was used as a ghetto for local Jews during the Great Patriotic War. The Nazis occupied the castle in 1941 and killed local Jews. The last family to live in Mir Castle moved out in 1962. It was then turned into a museum. There are tours available.

The tour includes a tour of the grounds, towers and an old torture room. There are also displays on the town's Jewish history. There is also a souvenir shop. The tour also includes a meal. There are also rooms for rent.

Another attraction to check out is the holiday museum, which features a Belarusian Father Christmas. He is sure to be a hit with the young visitors. You can also see a rare model of a German tank in good condition.

Mir is also home to a number of other attractions. There are several forts and castles, a semi-wild horse known as Konik, and many other attractions. You can also book day tours to visit several of these attractions. Depending on your budget, you can also rent a car and explore the area.

Other attractions include the Corpus Christi Church, which is one of the oldest Jesuit churches outside of Italy.

Excursions and Day Trips in Belarus

Getting acquainted with Belarus through excursions and day trips is a great way to gain knowledge about the country and to get a taste of its beauty and diversity. The country is well known for its rich culture, fine nature, and great people. Belarus tours include visits to the most popular attractions in the country as well as opportunities to taste Belarusian cuisine. You will get the chance to explore ancient and modern architectural works as well as to learn more about the country's oil history, wildlife, and national crafts.

You can start your Belarus tour with Minsk, the capital of Belarus. The capital is home to many awe-inspiring sites. Minsk has a mixture of modern skyscrapers and historical buildings. Minsk is also home to a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Radziwill family residence. This UNESCO site is home to an impressive number of archaeological finds and artifacts. You will also visit the National Opera and Ballet of Belarus, a renowned touring performance group.

This Belarus tour will also include a visit to the country's oldest national park, Belovezhskaya Pushcha. This park is one of the oldest protected natural territories in Europe. You will also have a chance to take a safari to see wild animals in their natural habitat. Guests will also have the chance to visit several forest lakes and the lily-of-the-valley glade.

During your Belarus tour, you will also visit the country's renowned BELAZ tractor plant. This plant produces giants of Belarusian engineering. This plant has been producing the tractor for nearly 100 years. It has become one of the leading companies in Belarus. You will also have the chance to explore the historical site of the Minsk ghetto, which was once home to over 100 thousand people. During World War II, the ghetto was destroyed.

Belarus tours also include the country's oldest and largest city, Polotsk. This city is home to a famous Belarusian poet, Ilya Repin. It also features many historical sites and churches. This city has been immortalized in the works of Marc Chagall. It is also home to the National Opera and Ballet of Belarus, which is one of the most architecturally attractive buildings in the city.

You will also visit Mogilyov, a city of incredible history. This city has a variety of architectural landmarks, including the Bujnichskoe pole memorial. You will also have the chance to visit an ethnographic village and see a unique monument. This city is also home to one of the most beautiful castles in the world, the Mir Castle. This castle is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

During your Belarus tour, you can also visit the National Opera and Ballet of Belarus, which was built in the 1930s in Soviet-style. The National Opera and Ballet of Belarus is home to the famous Belarusian theatre company. You will also have the chance to visit the Radziwill family residence.

Belarus tours also include excursions to the country's most famous castles. You will also have the chance to visit a UNESCO site, the Khatyn Memorial. This memorial pays tribute to the events of the Great Patriotic War. During the war, almost three million Belarusians died. The Khatyn memorial pays homage to these people, and is a well-designed site. It is typically not crowded.

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