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Travel Tips for visiting Nuremberg

Whether you are planning to spend a day in Nuremberg or are a tourist who wants to see the city's highlights, there are a few things you should consider. These include the medieval dungeons, the Altmuhlthal Nature Park, the Christmas market, and the Nuremberg Castle.

Altmuhlthal Nature Park

Located in the Green Heart of Bavaria, the Altmuhltal Nature Park covers almost three thousand square kilometers. It is the second largest nature park in Germany and is an ideal destination for outdoor activities.

The Altmuhl Valley is a beautiful area of hiking trails. It is also a popular cycle path. Leaving from Gunzenhausen, the trail heads through the forest and follows the Altmuhl River to the village of Kelheim. The cycle path passes by romantic rock formations and juniper heaths, as well as green landscapes.

The Altmuhl valley has many faces. Away from the main trail, a hiker can follow ancient Celtic and Roman remains. The valley also has a bishop's place and an old university town.

The Altmuhl valley is ideal for families. It has a large Toy Museum, as well as a museum dedicated to trains. There are two permanent exhibitions, one about the history of trains in Germany and the other about the transformation of the rail stations.

Located in the center of the Altmuhl Valley Nature Park is Solnhofen, a historic episcopal town with a baroque flair. The town is home to many preserved historic buildings, fountains, alleys, and spacious squares.

The Germanisches Nationalmuseum is on the south side of the Old Town. The museum features the largest collection of German speaking historical art. The Albrecht Durer House, also in the Old Town, exhibits his art and printing presses.


Another must-see is the Nuremberg Documentation Center. This facility is about ten minutes from the Hauptmarkt and west of Sebalduskirche. It is also a good location to see the World War II Art Bunker. The bunkers were set up to protect the city treasures during the war. There are guided tours available.

Whether you are looking for a day trip, or a longer stay, the Altmuhltal Nature park is a perfect destination. For more information, visit the official site. The English language section is a bit outdated, but you will find more detailed information in German.

While you are in the area, consider making a stop at the Altmuhltherme, a healing water spa. The water bubbles from state-recognized healing springs and has a vitalising effect. It is easy to reach from the train station.

Nuremberg's medieval dungeons

During the Middle Ages Nuremberg was a major trading post between Northern Europe and Italy. It was also an important stop-over for travelers and merchants. In the 13th century the city became the unofficial capital of the Holy Roman Empire. The city was also home to the crown jewels of the Holy Roman Empire.

Today, Nuremberg is still an interesting town to visit, with its medieval architecture, beautiful cathedrals and other historical attractions. There are several museums to visit, including the Albrecht Durer house, the Medieval Justice System Museum and the Documentation Center. You can spend a full day in Nuremberg.

The Albrecht Durer house is a timber-framed building that was reconstructed after it was destroyed in World War II. It features period furniture and Durer's drawings. It is the only 16th century artist's house remaining in Northern Europe.

You can also take a tour of the Historischer Kunstbunker, which was a rock-cut cellar that was built to keep art safe during World War II. You can get tickets for a guided tour at the tourist information offices.

The city walls are also worth a visit. They were built in the 12th and 16th centuries, encircling the old town. The walls are a large defensive structure, containing many towers and gate towers.

The Documentation Center is a great place to learn about the power of propaganda and the Nazi rallies. You can take an educational tour of the museum, or you can just walk through the exhibits. It is located west of the river and is easy to get to from the Hauptmarkt. The museum is free to enter and there are no entrance fees.


There are a number of festivals to attend during the year. The Christmas market is considered to be the largest in Europe. You can buy handmade ornaments and mulled mead at the markets. There are also local farmers' markets.

The castle is another popular attraction in Nuremberg. Visitors can take a tour of the medieval dungeons, which are 12 cells that were used for prisons and punishments in the Middle Ages.

Nuremberg's Christmas market

During the holiday season, the Nuremberg Christmas market becomes a very popular destination. Here you can buy unique gifts for family and friends. The city's main market is located on the Hauptmarkt, a medieval square. It features rows of vendors that lead to the Frauenkirche, an iconic 14th century church.

The Christ Child plays a very important role in the Nuremberg Christmas market. It was originally played by an actress, but has now been reinterpreted as a child. The city has many other traditions associated with Christmas.

One of the first Christmas markets in Germany, the Nuremberg market dates back to the 17th century. There are many different stalls and booths that sell decorations, toys, and sweet treats. You can find wooden nutcrackers, cribs, and tinsel angels. Some stalls also offer traditional candles and toys.

One of the most famous Nuremberg market souvenirs are Zwetschgenmannle, traditional wooden ornaments. These mannequins were invented in the 18th century by a wire drawer. The drawer had a tree outside his house. He grew plums and used them to make the ornaments.

Aside from the typical Christmas items, the Nuremberg market is known for its traditional bratwurst. This delicious sausage can be enjoyed all year round in Germany. The stalls also sell roasted almonds and other nuts. They are available in a variety of flavors.

During the Christmas season, the Nuremberg Christmas market is crowded on weekends and evenings. However, during the weekdays, it is quieter. This makes it a perfect destination for families with children.

In addition to the traditional goods, the Nuremberg market features a special Children's market. The Children's market is located near the Christkindlesmarkt and is a great place to find Christmas treats and toys. The market has a miniature train and a double decker carousel, as well as kiosks where kids can do hands-on activities such as making their own Christmas cards.

The Christmas market in Nuremberg is an incredible experience for children. The Children's market is also a great way to spend a few hours during the holidays.

Another attraction in Nuremberg is the Nazi Party Rally Grounds. These grounds are about a twenty minute walk from the center of town.

Nuremberg Castle

Whether you are traveling from Munich or Frankfurt, a day trip to Nuremberg is a great way to experience Germany. This medieval city has plenty of attractions to keep you busy. However, you should make sure you plan your trip carefully to see all the sights.

Nuremberg is a beautiful, charming city that is ideal for a weekend getaway. If you are looking for historical sites, museums, and restaurants, you will find it all here. It is a wonderful place to visit in any season.

The main sights in the city are located in the old town, or Altstadt. You can get a good idea of the history of the city by walking through the cobblestone streets. You can also take a hop on hop off tour to see more of the city.

The Imperial Castle of Nuremberg is one of the most famous fortifications in Europe. This structure was the residence of the Holy Roman Emperors during the Middle Ages. The castle is now a popular tourist attraction. There is an impressive collection of art to see in the museum. The castle is open for guided tours from 11:00 am to 3:00 pm.

If you are interested in the history of Nazi rallies, you should check out the Documentation Center. It is home to the Nuremberg Trials Memorial Museum. During the Second World War, the castle was almost destroyed, but has been meticulously rebuilt. It is now a beautiful evocation of the German Renaissance.

The medieval dungeons are another must-see attraction. The dungeons were built in the 14th and 19th centuries, and they give a glimpse into life in medieval times. The dungeons have cell-like rooms and torture devices.

In the Old Town, you can visit the Albrecht Durer House. This is where the famous artist spent his early years, and where he was able to practice his craft. His house is now a museum and is full of his paintings and printing presses.

You will find many more museums to explore in Nuremberg. You can also see the world's oldest toy museum. There are also several medieval weaponry and folk art galleries.

Excursions and day trips in Nuremberg

Those who are interested in exploring Nuremberg should not miss out on some of its most popular day trips. From the scenic Tauber Valley to the medieval architecture of Rothenburg ob der Tauber, there are a variety of attractions to choose from. There are also several hiking routes that allow you to enjoy the views of the beautiful countryside.

The city has preserved its medieval charm and offers a number of attractions for those who are interested in learning more about history and art. Visitors can visit the famous Albrecht Durer's House and the Museum of Franconia. They will also be able to take in the architecture of the Royal Residence.

The city is surrounded by walls and the Pegnitz River cuts through the town. Visitors can explore these walls by walking or taking the trams that run along the river. There are also several bridges that traverse the river. The oldest stone arch bridge in Nuremberg is the Fleischbrucke.

The city's most famous landmark is the Royal Residence. This beautiful building contains several parks and monumental fountains. It has a mixture of French and Italian styles of architecture.

Another attraction is the Nazi Party Rally Grounds. This area is located south of the city center. Once a venue for the Nazi party rallies, it now houses a museum on the history of the Nazi party. The exhibition is based on the rise of the Nazi party and the impact of the rallies on the community.

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